1. Bruce Dobbin
    Coordinates PAT exams, prep sessions and work experience. Works hard to create a safe, supportive, respectful learning environment based on the balance traditional values, Siksika ways of knowing and academic excellence.
  2. Deanna LaFlamme
    Offsite curriculum consultant for grade 7-12 Social studies, English and CTS courses and diploma prep sessions and school wide testing.
  3. Gladys Moberly
    Teaches grade 7-12 Science, Math and CTS courses, coordinates science fair, creates graduation plans (upstairs), manages school IT (upstairs)
  4. Lindsey Nelson Teacher
    Grade 7 - 12 Social studies and English, diploma preps, school wide testing, CTS courses
  5. Colleen Sitting Eagle
    Teaches grade 7-12 Siksika language and culture, Family Liaison (upstairs), offers literacy support (typing sessions and novels), co-manages busses
  6. Tannis Ouellette
    Coordinates Math and Language literacy programming and supports thru FNSSP, supports school wide testing, creates school newsletter, co-manages busses
  7. Stacey Running Rabbit
    Teaches grade 10-12 Science, Math and CTS courses, creates graduation plans, Alberta Works contact, Coordinates Post Secondary and is the Google Classroom lead
  8. Kendra Rabbit Carrier
    School receptionist, coordinates Power School and Pasi. In charge of school Facebook page, leads typing tutorials. Co-leads school graduations and bingos
  9. Denise Peterson
    Part-time (2 days/week) Teaches grade 10-12 Social studies, English, and CTS courses, coordinates SEED leadership group, Creates ICMs (YPP), coordinates and writes school grants, teaches diploma prep sessions
  10. Pearl Healy
    Part-time (2 days/week) Teaches grade 10-12 English, Social studies and CTS courses, teaches diploma prep sessions, co creates google classroom course delivery
  11. Loreli Calf Robe
    Family Liaison (YPP), coordinates Alberta Works, manages and leads school bingos and graduations, offers typing tutorials
  12. Raymond Many Heads
    Keeping the school looking great inside and out with a smile
  13. Norton (Spike) Eagle Speaker
    School Elder
  14. Alvine Eagle Speaker
    School Elder
  15. Vacant
    Siksika School Board Representative for Siksika Outreach School
School Admin. Assistant and Receptionist
Young Parent Program Lead Teacher
Family Liaison and Educational Assistant

FNSSP Specialist and Educational Assistant
Siksika Instructor and Educational Assistant
Custodian and Grounds Keeper