Our shared values of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity will create an environment that will honour the Seven Teachings of our Ancestors and all members of our community. Using a holistic approach, it is our desire to support the mission and vision of Siksika Board of Education which is to provide students with an innovative and excellent learning environment and creating competent, confident and knowledgeable students.
  1. School Mission
    To develop capable and responsible lifelong learners proud of their identity, language, culture and their own achievements.
  2. School Vision Statement
    Creating a respectful learning environment based on the balance of traditional cultural values and academic excellence.
  3. School Motto
    Progress with Purpose


  • Attract school aged students not already in an educational program
  • Welcome those students not finding success in mainstream schooling
  • Rekindle the learning spirit in all students
  • Create unique and meaningful individualized student programs
  • Create community partnerships to help support our students
  • Increase the high school graduation rates within Siksika Nation
  • Offer a young parent program where students may bring their own child (age limit)
  • Reflect the values of the community we serve
  • Provide safe, high quality education programs
  • Be a highly responsive responsible staff team
Staff are committed to…

  • Involve students when making decisions about our school
  • Invite parent input into decision making about their child’s education
  • Acknowledge parents/guardians as full partners in the process of supporting their child’s learning
  • Recognize that parents/guardians have expert knowledge about their child and their community
  • Learn about ways that students reflect First Nation worldviews and cultures of their families and community
  • Implement flexible scheduling within educational programming as required for individual students
  • Build learning activities around cultural content relating to the student’s experiences, cultural heritage and identity
  • Acknowledge how the influences of family, culture and language effect the learning strengths and needs of each student
  • Celebrate the positive values of Siksika culture
  • Address discrimination and negative stereotypes
  • Create an inviting learning environment that supports feelings of mutual respect and acceptance
  • Help students understand and be able to advocate for themselves
  • Plan opportunities for students to contribute to their community and to each other
  • Teach, model and reinforce social skills and respect
  • Provide positive character development learning experiences
  • Emphasize academic excellence for all learning experiences
  • Challenge each student to achieve their potential
  • Recognize individual needs and learning styles
  • Provide a safe and caring learning environment
  • Foster involvement of all stakeholders including students, staff, parents, elders, community agencies and community members, SBE and other outreach schools
  • Allocate school resources where appropriate while recognizing the challenges of the student body
  • Welcome and support students who have their own babies up to 18 months old
  • Ask each student “What can we do for you to help you reach your goals?”
  • Find each child’s strengths
  • Celebrate successes with students
  • Practice the philosophies from the Circle of Courage and the Seven Teachings of our Ancestors
  • Be proud of the work they offer and the relationships they build with students
We believe it is important to…

  • Provide visionary leadership
  • Provide an opportunity for all students to receive a quality education
  • Recognize and celebrate diversity
  • Establish and foster effective relationships
  • Establish and maintain effective communication
  • Address the social and emotional needs of our students
  • Encourage and support academic goals
  • Foster continued improvement of educational programs
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful involvement of students, parents and elders
  • Create and maintain community partnerships to increase learning opportunities of students
  • Reflect the values and beliefs of the community in which we serve.
  • Model life long learning
  • Maintain a learning focus in all daily activities
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Celebrate student achievements frequently
  • Create and provide opportunities for students to serve others so students learn the value and lessons of helping others
  • Support students in creating goals and working toward the completion of their goals
  • Provide opportunities for students to become proud of their identity, language and culture
  • Create learning opportunities that are meaningful and reflect First Nations perspectives